March 12, 2013

  • http://www.Xanga.Com/Doers, 5-2013



    "Big Baptist John",  by PES,

    tec KP, www.Xanga.Com/Doers, .mp3

    Taco Fiesta,  Ice Cream  &  Guest Speakers,  

    Sat 5-25-2013  ;   ... A Fund Raiser


     Watch Coach Duane, on "The Fire Show"....

    Just Copy and Past this Link into your Browser

    May God Bless you by watching,.... "The Fire Show". 


     "Big Baptist John",  by PES, tec KP,

    www.Xanga.Com/Doers, .mp3


    Click Below and you can sing along

    with Pastor Ernie and Others,....


    Just Enjoy This "Sing-A-Long" ;

    It Can Be Fun  &  Enjoyment .......


    "Big Baptist John",  by PES, tec KP,

    www.Xanga.Com/Doers, .mp3


    Speaking Engagement :

    Former Organized Crime ( Made Man ) from NYC

    Moderator Bill Monreal


    Speaking Engagement former organized crime

    (made man) from NYC


    Here are the dates :

    Saturday April 6-2013

    @ 1:00 PM. Tizzanos Party center 1361 east 260 ...

    Euclid Ohio

    Saturday April 6-2013

    @ 7:00 PM Prince of Peace Church 7197 Reynolds Rd.

    Mentor Ohio

    Sunday April 7-2013

    @ 6:00 PM @ Monreal Funeral Home 35400 Curtis Blvd,

    Eastlake Ohio


    Moderator Bill Monreal

    Sponsored by :


    in Concert with,

    Doers of The Word Baptist Church,…..


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